China Stamp Agency in North America

Stamps true to centuries-old traditions of unhurried genius

From the massive, winding Great Wall of China — the only work of man visible from the Moon — to the delicate jewel-encrusted fans of the Ming Dynasty, the treasures of China reflect a civilization as old as history itself . . . and a culture where patience was, and is, the prescription for greatness.

Today, the remarkable postage stamps of China remain true to this centuries-old tradition of unhurried genius. The patient creation of just one issue may span a half-dozen years and challenge a dozen artists before it emerges from the fabled Beijing Stamp Printing House for sale at post offices in China.

That is one reason why, year after year at exhibitions and competitions around the world, the beautiful Stamps of China are acclaimed as masterpieces of the designer’s and printer’s arts.

Now — as a Standing Order Subscriber — you can acquire these magnificent stamps conveniently and systematically for just pennies more per issue than you’d pay in any post office in China. Don’t hesitate. Place your order today!